Maximizing a Hudson Valley Business Blog for SEO Purposes


Setting up a Hudson Valley blog to promote and discuss a company has been proven as a great way to increase the company’s website page ranking in search engines.  However, so many people are unsure about where to host the blog.  There are various free places to start a blog and there are paid spots as well.  Determining which is the best spot is relatively easy.  But there is a primary reason why blogs are so effective.


Blogs are a prime source of new links that point to a particular site.  Search engines use these links to gauge the popularity of a site.  A blog that has useful content and provides good information to the readers will draw a loyal following over time.  The links that direct the visitors from the blog to the main company site will draw a lot of traffic to the site and help it rank higher among Google, Yahoo and other similar search sites.

Setting Up the Blog

Getting back to the topic for discussion, there are hosted sites such as WordPress or Blogger that offer a free spot for people to start up a new blog with just a few clicks of a mouse.  The other option is to download a blogging type of software onto a web server to use on your domain.     There are different ways to accomplish this strategy.

  1. Create a new website domain for the blog (
  2. Place the blog in a subfolder of your primary site (
  3. Place the blog in a subdomain (

Of the three options, the separate website domain for the blog is the best.  This will act as a completely different site that sends new links to your main company’s website and will generate the largest number of new links.

Subfolder is Second

Between the other two options, the subfolder is the better choice.  The links from the blog in the subfolder will add up in your primary site’s total link popularity, improving the ranks and ability for people to find the site.  The blog gives you the opportunity to build multiple links to multiple pages of your site.  This is a great way to have the entire site ranking well since each page is getting plenty of traffic from numerous links.

Avoid Two Blogs

Some people think that having a blog on a free site along with the blog on their own domain is best.  After all, this would mean two blogs sending multiple links back to the site, right?  However, do you really want to come up with two new and different blog posts every time you want to communicate with your customers?

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