The Top 10 Reasons You Should Blog as a Small Business Owner


Small Business BlogWith all the blogging I have done in past years, it seems unnatural to me not to blog.  It just seems to me that any small business owner with a small business marketing budget would naturally take to blogging purely based on the cost/benefit ratio of a being able to effectively communicate with their customer base.  What I have come to find out is that many small business owners won’t blog because they simply don’t understand the true benefit.  What’s worse is that they believe the cost (mostly in the form of time) far outweighs the benefit that may exist in other forms of customer outreach.  In my mind this is a no-brainer.  Without going into the indirect benefits of blogging such as creating relevant keyword content, link bait and the potential for viral spread, the obvious built in benefits are plentiful.

Below are 10 head-smakin’ reasons to small business owners should blog

  1. Because Your Competitors Are Doing It. Whether or not you actively want to blog, your competitors are doing it and gaining your prospects’ attention.
  2. Because You Have Something To Say. Odds are that you started your business because you were passionate about what you do. Share your passion with customers and prospects.
  3. It’s Free Advertising. Compared to the cost of traditional or even pay-per-click advertising, blogs are excellent ways to boost your online visibility for a minimal outlay, if any.
  4. Your Customers Want to Read It. Although many pundits point out how social networking lets customers talk to businesses more easily than ever, they frequently omit the other side of the Web 2.0 coin. Loyal customers also want to hear back from businesses, and blogging is a great way to satisfy this desire.
  5. It Makes Your Website Stickier. Creating compelling blog content will make customers and prospects both visit your website more frequently and stay longer when they do it.
  6. It Opens Up New Selling Opportunities. When appropriate, you can link your blog posts to products or services that your business sells or performs.
  7. Educating Customers Makes Them Better Prospects. As customers better understand what your business does and how it can impact their lives for the better, they are more likely to buy what you offer. A blog is an excellent customer education tool.
  8. It Exposes You to Passive Prospects. Because blogs offer content as opposed to just sles data, they are more likely to be clicked on by people with an interest in the subject. Once they visit your blog, though, they are exposed to your business and can become customers.
  9. It Forces You to Take Think Time. Many small business owners are so busy running their operation that they do not take time for strategic thinking. Coming up with blog content will require you to think about your business, your customers’ needs, your industry and a large number of other topics. Generally speaking, taking time to think about your business can be valuable.
  10. Why Not? Blogging is free, or very inexpensive, not particularly time consuming. There are really no reasons not to get started immediately!

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