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Hudson Valley Press ReleaseOne of the best ways to get noticed by multiple forms of media is a finely crafted press release.  In terms of SEO, it provides great exposure and valuable in-bound links.  In addition to its potential to attract attention, a press release can often be relatively cheap compared to the return it can bring.  There are different ways to handle a Hudson Valley press release.  Whether it is an interview with the charismatic leader of a company, or an invoking article describing a much needed service or product, press releases are wonderful at generating buzz.

In order to get the article noticed by the right people it is important to have the right structure as well as the proper content.  A good story that is easy to understand will do more to catch the eyes of reporters, magazine editors and website managers.

Here are some guidelines for preparing a Hudson Valley press release.

Press Release Content

There is an old rule of thumb that applies to every press release.  Tell the people the nuts and bolts of the story and skip the sales pitch or the self serving drivel.  The content should clearly answer the who, what, when, where and why about the service, goods or company.  If all of that is not communicated clearly the story stands no chance of getting attention.

Writing a Headline for your Press Release

People should be able to glance at the headline, read the introductory sentence and have a clear idea of the entire story.  The rest of the writing is basically supporting details and explanatory information.  Above all else, the headline needs to reach out and grab the audience.

Necessary Press Release Items

In order to make the proper people aware of a press release it should have the following items:

  • The slogan “For Immediate Release’
  • Contact data – Company name, primary contact’s name, email, website
  • Headline – Keep the length to 150 characters or less.  Use proper punctuation and lower case letters as appropriate.  All upper case turns people off
  • Secondary headline – Two short sentences that offers a summary of the entire story.
  • Current date along with the city and state where the story originated.
  • First paragraph – In the first paragraph the essential items need to be covered.
  • Second and subsequent paragraphs – The remaining paragraphs can provide any relevant quotes, comments from happy customers, a background of the story, and any important figures.
  • Company or personal data – This is where the detailed information about the focal point of the story will go.  This is the type of information that will appear immediately before the finishing point of the press release.
  • Symbol Use – When you have finished the press release use this symbol, ###, to notify the reader they have reached the end.
  • Stick to the Facts – Always use verifiable facts.  Stay away from lengthy opinions or adjectives.  Hype has no place in a press release.
  • Be Energetic – Write with action tense words, not passive.  This makes the release sound more energetic.

Using these suggestions as a guideline makes sure that the entire release does not go longer than one page.  Send it out to as many sources as possible and reap the benefits of a well designed press release.

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