SEO Services Overview

Quick Fire SEO ProcessWith thousands of new users “coming online” everyday, a web presence is a must for any small businesses to not only get noticed but to effectively find and convert their customers.  In order to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace, you’re going to need quality SEO Services – (Search Engine Optimization). Quick Fire Internet is here to help you attain that enviable positioning that a business needs to have.

Initial Consultation and Keyword Research

A highly targeted keyword campaign can make or break any attempt at effective SEO.  The process of identifying the correct keywords for your business or organization can bring you relevant traffic that will convert well into customers.  The keyword research data used by Quick Fire will produce the perfect list of searchable terms used by visitors to find your product or services.  The goal isn’t always maximum traffic but exceedingly qualified traffic that will ultimately produce more conversions.  We subscribe heavily to the quality over quantity mantra.  This list is then used in the content creation phase to ensure that your site has the content your customers are looking for.

On Target Content Creation

Content creation is also a very important step in the overall SEO process.  Quick Fire creates keyword rich content that is unique to your site and not found anywhere else on the net.  The content is written to be SEO friendly as well as compelling to your visitors.  The pages are written to create an urge to act while providing spiderable, relevant content for search engine crawlers.

Website Over Haul

In some cases, a complete over haul is not needed.  In the cases in which drastic redesign is needed, Quick Fire can come to the rescue.  In addition to on-page optimization, link building and popularity, your website should be clean, attractive and easy to use.  While there are a lot of designers that can produce the aesthetic aspect of this task, quite often it is done without consideration to SEO.  Graphics, navigation structure, alt tags, meta tags, interlinking, all play an integral role in the design of a good website that is conducive to SEO efforts.  Having it look good and index well is no easy task.

Link Building

Link building in itself is an art.  With no single correct way of doing it, many good link builders rely on a plethora of link building strategies and tactics.  The ever changing landscape of acceptable link building practices change at such a fast rate, it usually takes an SEO that is purely dedicated to the task.  What makes it even more difficult is that link building is often specific to a niche or vertical.  Some types of links are more acceptable than other based on which market you are in.  The point being that is takes a well seasoned profession to build a well diversified link portfolio.


Before beginning the SEO process, it is important to create a set of reports that mark the beginning of the SEO campaign.  This (in essence) will be the measuring stick by which all the success of all following applied SEO tactics can be determined.

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